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Literally Salem II is Here (Whew!)

If you’re scratching your head thinking we just had a LitFest in Salem, well, you would be right.  The inaugural Literary Festival in Salem started back in September of 2008.  In some ways it doesn’t feel that long ago, but in my own mind, it seems like a decade has passed.  Between September of 2008 and now, we’ve had an economic downturn the likes of which we haven’t seen in our lifetime, we’ve elected a new (oh, by the way, our very first African American) — president, we’ve indicted of Bernie Madoff and been outraged over AIG bonuses.  Somewhere in there, we had some holidays (I think)…

So it’s with great relief, happiness and pride that we’re celebrating Salem’s second LitFest, starting this Friday, March 27 and going through Sunday, March 29.  One, it’s a wonderful springtime set of events when all other news seems full of doom and gloom, and two, it sets our regular month for the festival going forward (we’ll be here again in March of 2010).  Thanks to all the volunteers who helped promote the festival and who will help manage the events, those who underwrote events, and those in the city who have been beating the drum of support.   A special thanks goes to Beth Simpson, who has worked tirelessly to create and manage the program of events; she is the reason the festival has twice as many events as last year, as well as more variety this time around.

Variety and family-oriented events were something we were very conscious of as we planned things this year.  In addition to more adult fare in workshops, John Updike, Adam Braver, Brunonia Barry and Hannah Tinti, there’s great events for kids, including storytimes with Peter Van, Giles Laroche and Mark Karlins.  For older readers, there’s a Scrabble tournament, creative writing with Jennifer Karin, and great YA authors Erin Dionne, Stacy DeKeyser, Laurie Stolarz and Kat Black.  In a nutshell, there’s something for everyone in this festival, and we hope you come out and join the fun!  Check out to see the full schedule of events.